15-16 August 2017

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IRGL 2017

IRGL, short for Informatic Rally Games and Logic, is an annual competition for high school students who loves to play computer games and their logic skill to be tested, and also perfect for High School Students who prefers Informatics as their future major.


This story began once upon a time, in the village of bugs, who everyday parties, play and live a happy life. Festive and tournaments are things that filled their days, they only focus on their comfort. Due to living the fun life on their own world, too bad they also forgot to work.

But one day, suddenly a bug, whose work is to guard the food warehouse came with a bad news, which says that their food stock is actually decreasing bad, and with the horrible weather that follows it. The bugs started to panic and decided that now, is the time to get back to work.

Unfortunately, the bugs need to work so hard, because the food they're needing is located in a land far-far away. To be able to reach there they need the help of the strongest bugs they know. Sadly those bugs are not easy to find, they are hiding somewhere remote to meditate. Only the best of the bugs are able to accomplish this quest.

Curious on what happens next? Wanted to be the best of them all?
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IRGL 2017 : Tales of The Magnificent Bugs

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